About US

Millet…Time Capsule Of life-

Dr. S. Balasubramanian (Principal Scientist CIAE-Indian Council OF Agricultural Research)

About company

Zigmo started in year 2013 under proprietorship.  We are incorporated in year 2019 with the name of Zigmo Agro Private Limited and now officially recognized as a startup by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. Of India.       

                                 M/S Zigmo Agro Private Limited is availing incubation under The Pusa Krishi, ZTM & BPD Unit; ICAR-IARI New Delhi under the SCHEME RKVY-RAFTAAR has been approved by the Government of India.


Increase consumption of millets and providing food safety and healthy life to consumer support for farmers income and environment safety


Nutrition awareness of millet.Promote Zigmo as retail & functional food which consumable for all age groups. Connect with small marginal farmers to appreciate and support them.

Zigmo Team

We have dedicated team under supervision of food and agriculture scientist of Indian council of Agriculture Research (IARI, CIAE) which work on development of modern millet based food product and technology.

About Brand

Zigmo® is registered word mark of Zimgo Agro Private Limited.  Zigmo Word mark is made of Zig-M-O where Zig means turn, M stand for Man and O stand for Smile or happiness.

Zigm0® is registered in Logo Mark in Zigmo Agro Private Limited. Zigm0 Logo mark is made of Zig-M-0 where Zig means turn, M stand for Man and 0 stands for best possible product or error less product.

Zigmo Voice – Make India word largest millets producer and consumable country in the word.